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 Burrowing Crayfish      About a Greensboro Burrowing Crayfish that was found in
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 Leffert L. Buck Study Page     The Bridge Builder from Northern New York State

Buck Study Site Content:
Portrait            Leffert, later in life
Biography        A short abstract about Leffert's life.
Buck Biography About the longer biographical article in the
                            St. Lawrence Co. Historical Journal
Existing Bridges  A photo gallery of  3 of Leffert's bridges
  •            Whirlpool Rapids Bridge

  •            Larger Photo  of the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge
  •             Pont de Rennes (the Platt Street Bridge)
  •             Williamsburg Bridge
Links to other Information on L.L. Buck:
Hall of Fame            At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
                                into which Leffert was inducted. (see p.2)
History of the Williamsburg Bridge    A brief history at the
                                                        Williamsburg Bridge
                                                         Reconstruction Project Site
Williamsburg Bridge         The Historic American Engineering
                                        Record, including photos (HAER)
Opening the Williamsburg Bridge     1903 Movie made at the
                                                        bridge opening ceremonies
Driving Park Avenue Bridge     The Historic American Engineering
                                                Record, including photos (HAER)
Niagara Gorge Bridges     A history of the bridges over the
                                        Niagara River, 5 of which Leffert
                                        designed or reconstructed.
Structurae      The exhuastive international database of
                      engineering structures.

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